Menarche – A time for celebration

New post on The Wellness Journal about attitudes to menstruation and why it needs to change!

The Wellness Journal

After deciding to go off the pill in order to learn more about my body I began what I thought would be a brief online investigation into attitudes towards menstruation. My original goal was to uncover some of the cultural taboos around this important aspect of women’s health, but what I found was something else entirely. Article after article, galleries, websites, organisations, a museum, even a PhD thesis, all dedicated to menstruation and the impact of our cultural taboos on women. I found examples of varying religious protocols, I learned about period huts, menarche rituals that mark a girls transition into a woman, a concept called ‘The red tent’, spiritual and psychological theories and the modern concept of menarche parties. I even stumbled across an online shop where you can find period related party hats and paper plates. What I have read has made me think in a new way…

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